Kitty Kat dress for Klairah

I made this dress for my daughter for a baby contest, this tutorial is a little sparse but I will try to improve it over time.

I had no paper pattern to go by (for the dress) so I don’t have one to share at this time.


Step 1.
I took a jumper from my daughter’s closet (no it looked NOTHING like the finished kitty Kat dress) and used it for guide, I folded it in half and placed it on the fold of the fabric. I cut about 3″ larger than the jumper so I could trim and fine tune & still keep the right size.

Step 2.
The back pieces I cut similar to the front to get the original shape then I went freehand with my scissors. I guess I got a little brave, because I’m a beginner sewer myself.

Step 3.
After I had the shape I wanted for both the front and back, I laid out the fabric for the inner part of the dress, and used the prior cut pieces as a pattern. (Be sure to fold pattern, & place on fold)


Step 4.
I matched up the coordinating pieces and placing the faces together I stitched around the edges (be sure to leave about a 2″ opening on the hem so you can turn it right side out) iron flat on edges.

Step 5.
For the ruffle I did one piece for the front, then 1 each for the back pieces. Measure 3-4 times the length of the area you will be covering, and about 2″ in height. my material was light weight so I measured 4 times to make the ruffles look right. Create a gather with your stitch 1/2″ from the top of your fabric. Gather. Line your ruffle up with your front piece (be sure to turn your hem hole inward so when you sew on your ruffle it will stitch your heh closed) now pin in place, & sew. Do this step with the 2 back pieces, but leave 1″ of ruffle un-stitched at the top, you will need this space for the ties/bow.

Step 6.
Now line your back pieces up with the front, face together. You will want to make sure your ruffles line up, I made that mistake and had to rip-a-stitch, & re-sew. Pin in place and sew along outer edge leaving room for arm holes. Sew the top of the straps together.

Step 7.
Cut 2 strips at 2″ wide & however long (these are your ties) then fold 1 over with face together. Stitch 1/4″ from edge the length of the strip. At the bottom I did a diagonal stitch just to give a little flavor, the other end leave open. Turn right side out. Proceed with the second strip.

I used CLOSED scissors to help me turn it inside out. Now attach straps to back of dress under the top of the ruffle.

Step 8.
I added some embellishments, for the gather under the chin, I took a small strip of fabric and ran a gather stitch down the middle of the piece, then gathered & stitched to the front, of the dress. I added felt buttons to make it pop.

I plan to add specific details and a pattern, so keep an eye out for the update.

This dress is 3-6 months

Stay tuned for bloomers & headband tutorial.


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