One hour projects: Pillow bed

Now that I have two little girls that nap at my house and I only have a couch and a chair in this small apartment, I wanted to make some cool pillow beds. (I have been wanting to make one since the first time I saw one on pinterest)

I went and got 4 standard size pillows (I just sent my husband to get 4 more) and also picked out 2 different patterned materials; 2 yrds a piece.


I still had an hour before the kids came back, so I got started on one of the pillow beds.

I started by hemming the length of the fabric on both sides


Then I layed the fabric face up and folded both sides (length wise) to overlap in the center by 2″. (Like a slipcover)

I sewed each end.


Turned right side out.


I measured and marked 17 1/2 inches from the end- you can mark a straight line by using masking tape if you are like me and have a hard time stitching a blind straight line.


You will want to make sure your overlap is the same all the way down your case, I set mine at 2″.

Stitch the width of the case.

Continue to measure and stitch 2 more times to create 4 pillow slots. (should be a total of 3 vertical lines)

Now put your pillows in the case, my first bed has a little gap on the back where the pillows are inserted because the material is not wide enough, you can add velcro, buttons, snaps, or ties to keep them closed. I think I’m going to add an extra 4″ to my second one using solid color fabric or a sheet.

I just finish putting the last pillow in and snapped a picture when I heard a little knock on my door; I had finished just in time!



Alison was so excited to see it, she sat down right away…


and within 25 minute she was fast asleep and looking so comfy!


Even my little Klairah-bell loves it, she’s sitting back watching daddy play video games.

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3 Responses to One hour projects: Pillow bed

  1. Mom says:

    :> :> Love it!

  2. Konnie says:

    I love this, and I love your choice of fabric! SO CUTE!!!

  3. Mamaw Donna says:

    I love these, you are so clever with your ideas. Love the fabric too!

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