Day 1 & 2: Bathroom cabinet makeover

Well I finally got some time to start my first furniture makeover-

I was able to buy all the supplies I needed on Saturday, I was really anxious to get started so as soon as I got home from “do it best” center & Wal-Mart with my supplies, Klairah and I dug out the miter saw and got to cutting all the outside pieces for the cabinet doors.


She is such a big help!

Remember I showed you my unfinished cabinet, and remember all those annoying little doors?


Well me noooo likey, so I decided to make two tall doors instead.




The cut pieces for my doors (still need assembled and fastened)

I also attempted to start removing the paint with just a paint scraper, but I didn’t get very far


And since I was pressed for time on Saturday I gave up :-(

That brings us to today, I had no kidos to babysit today (other than my partner in crime) and I figured I better make good use of it.




I sent Mr.K to get me some paint remover, but what do you know; he comes back with a can of AUTO paint remover, he says it will work, but I didn’t want to take any chances on ruining the wood on the cabinet so I went and got some of my own.


And it works! See the bubbly!?


Even with the paint, remover it took me a good 4 hours to accomplish what I could today.

Little missy started getting cranky so we had to go in for the evening, but here is what we got done today…


This side is sanded, but the brown patch is lacker and I will have to go over it with paint remover.



We really got a lot done, I’m a little impatient so it’s taking all I have to keep me from cutting corners.

What I learned: this is not a project for quitters

P.S. I bet you wonder what that piece of furniture that is in the corner of a few of the photos…. Well I’ll keep you wondering :-)

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2 Responses to Day 1 & 2: Bathroom cabinet makeover

  1. Mamaw Donna says:

    Great, you’re getting there!!! Your partner in crime is precious!!

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