Craigslist finds: matching nightstands

Looks like my cabinet project may have to wait a few more days because I spent my supply money on more furniture…

But I couldn’t resist the quality of the items nor the price tag

I have been on the lookout (which means I have been stalking craigslist and my local “garage sale” Facebook pages) for matching night stands (with drawers) for the master bedroom.

Last night I found them! Solid wood, with 3 drawers, perfect! Although they are in superb condition I plan to paint them and change the hardware to fit my changing style.


(Yes I stole his truck, but I brought him Starbucks)

The price… Wait for it…. $25 for the set! And as my husband would say (as I try to mimick his voice) “plus your $10 for fuel to go pick them up”. Why does he do that?? I guess I should tack cost of fuel to his tire purchases, haha! I love that man.

But even with the cost of fuel I got them for $35, so ha! That is still a great deal!

I pretty much dreamed about them last night, and first thing this morning I checked my email to see if the seller had replied… I may have been a little pushy, “shrugs” the seller was happy to see them go, it was a win, win.

This refurb project has to wait till I complete the bathroom cabinet, so this macho girl carried them up the stairs, (may I say they were heavy?!) Now I have to remind myself that when I go to tackle this project, I will have to carry them down the stairs, then back up again… Its going to be so worth it!

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4 Responses to Craigslist finds: matching nightstands

  1. Konnie says:

    I’m anxious to see it all when you get done! (don’t be lifing too much, you just had surgery girly!!! )

  2. Mom says:

    I am loving your blog! It is fun to read!!

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