It’s called life

So much for my weekly pinterest project to start last week-

I had a slight bump in the road, it all started last Thursday night while I was asleep on the couch waiting for my hubby to go to bed; I wake up with this excruciating pain in my back & under my right rib; so I get up to try to get the pain to stop, but it only got worse to the point where I was panting to get a breath, and wasn’t able to find a comfortable position, the pain eased but I felt nauseous and still a slight pain- this continued throughout the night and throughout the day on Friday off & on.

I was unable to eat or drink much due to the fear of puking it back up.

I was dehydrated and trying to breastfeed, it was a losing battle.

Saturday: I wake up feeling great!

I get my baby girl up, feed her, dress her, then grab the tire and rim for my great-aunt’s Kia soul and head over to the local tire shop to get it mounted. (cracked rim needed replaced)

I then grabbed some breakfast from famous Mcds and drive around town looking for garage sales, but to my dismay we only found 3, so we headed home to clean the garage.

It is about 2 pm by the time we get started, (I’m still feeling fine) about 2 hours in I start having pain again and feel constipated, so I tell my hubby and grandmother that I’m going to be right back…

After sitting for a little while (and trying to releave some pressure) I realize that something is not right, my stool is white :-( I start researching Google and realize that I may have gallbladder issues.

My husband packs me up and takes me to the ER

We sit and wait

And wait

And wait

Finally we get to a room, they run labs and we wait for results, my levels are high and all signs point to a gallbladder issue.

They call in their ultrasound tech, we wait.

They gave me pain meds.

We wait

And wait

They decide to transfer me to St Francis south in Beech Grove.

We wait for an ambulance…

By the time we get to Beech Grove it is past 1am Sunday morning.

Sunday: The doctor comes in around 8 am and tell me that my bilirubin, (and some other things) are still high and they want to wait till Monday morning to see if they go down.

They put me on a “no food by mouth” diet.

Wasted all day Sunday just waiting

I’m starving.

Monday: my levels are coming down but they are still high, they decide to do an ERCP (send a scope down my throat and into my ducts) so they can see if I have any stones blocking my ducts.

Around 3:00 pm I go down for this procedure, they find sludge, and remnants of stones that had been passed, they also put a small slit in my duct near my pancreas.

They put me on a “light liquid” diet

Still starving but never so happy to see jello.

Tuesday: they toy with me making me think I’m going to go home, they say they want me to schedule out patient surgery to get my gallbladder removed.

Then they say I should do it while I’m here; this is what I would prefer, I’m here, just waiting, let’s get it done… But since they didn’t plan to do a surgery on Tuesday and they allowed me to eat and drink (from their liquid diet) they now have to wait till Wednesday to do the surgery.

Wasted all day Tuesday waiting.

Upped my food to “full liquid” diet but nothing after midnight.

Wednesday: 9:45 we head to pre-op. 11:20 I’m in the operating room, 10 minutes later I’m out cold, and the rest of the afternoon is a blur.

By supper time they finally let me eat real food.

Thursday: I’m determined to go home, surgery comes by and says I can go home, I bug the nurses.

family practice comes by and says I can go home, I bug the nurses.

Finally at 11:15 I’m signing discharge papers and I’m out the door!!

Now I’m chilling at home with my hubby and little sweet pea, it has been a rough week on them as well.

Thanks to my mother inlaw for watching Klairah for me on Sunday and to my mom and sister for keeping Klairah overnight, and for bringing her up to see me when they could.

Since this week has been rocky, I’m concerned that my milk may dry up , but we are going to keep priming the well.

Thanks to everyone that held me in their thoughts and prayers during this time.

Good night all and sorry for the lengthy, & somewhat descriptive post.

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3 Responses to It’s called life

  1. Mom says:

    Make sure you keep the fluids going in. This will help build your supply as well.

  2. Mamaw Donna says:

    Prayed for all of you the whole time and still don’t understand why they didn’t take it out the first night or day! Seems like the just try to run up the bill and charge you more. So happy you are home and doing well.

  3. Sarah Taylor says:

    So glad you’re feeling better. Love you!

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