Apron for Klairah

Last night (at 12am)  I decided I needed to use up my bananas and the best thing to make with squishy bananas is banana bread!

I turned to Klairah and said “do you wanna help mommy make some banana bread”? Her reply was a huge grin and a squeal, so there I had a baking buddy.

As I as carrying her into the kitchen, I told Kaden “she doesn’t have an apron, she needs an apron”. We proceeded to make the banana bread (with no apron) to which my baking buddy just sat in her seat and played (such a big help she is)

After we put the deliciousness in the oven, and I put the worn out little baker to bed; I decided to rummage through my box of fabric- I was determined that we would not be caught off guard next time… We would have an apron!

It took me right at an hour (just enough time for the B bread to bake) to construct and sew her very first apron, some may think it’s a little crude, but I think she likes it.


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6 Responses to Apron for Klairah

  1. Sarah Taylor says:

    I think it’s adorable! You’re so creative…and a gifted writer, too!

  2. Mom says:

    Love your blogs! This is so cute! Not crude at all, it shows you love what you are doing and that motherhood fits you well. Love you and your little baker!

    • Mom says:

      What is with the time stamp on these posts? My original post was made at 10;14 AM not 2:14 PM . Is the time zone different on your computer?

  3. Aunt Kristie says:

    So very cute! Now, all she needs is a bakers hat and she’s ready to go! Lol….

  4. Mamaw Donna says:

    I think this is perfect. She will always be Mommies little helper!

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