Klairah’s dress for baby contest 2013

Saturday is the baby contest at the fair in Martinsville, IN (where Kaden grew up & where mamaw Konnie lives) mamaw Konnie and I decided to place Klairah in the contest (no I’m not a pageant mom) they will be judging on personality.

Anyways I wasn’t happy with the choice of dresses that I and mamaw Konnie had found without blowing our little budget, but I think I may have been unhappy because I wanted to sew :-D

A few months ago I was at the famous wally world and as always I have to make a “quick” trip to the fabric department, they happend to have some clearance material priced at $1 a yard. I picked some coordinating fabric, and skooted out of there before I spent more than I had…

A few months later…

I need an outfit for Klairah, and not having the money to buy a nice dress, I start rummaging through my stash of fabric.. Tada! I knew what I would make!

I had a problem, the style dress I wanted I had no pattern for :-( and since I’m still learning how to sew I was kind of nervous, but… I decided to wing it

Here is the finished product. Stay tuned (saturday) to see my baby girl modeling this beautiful dress. Also I will be posting a somewhat sparse tutorial.




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2 Responses to Klairah’s dress for baby contest 2013

  1. mamaw says:

    Beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I love it!

  2. Rhonda Todd says:

    So love watching how you conquer your needs!

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