Cleaning out the baby nook

Today we are cleaning out the area that is to be the baby nook, currently it is storage for decorations and other “stuff” we don’t have a place for. Unfortunately some of this “stuff” will still have to go in storage because although I can’t use it right now; I just can’t bear to get rid of it. This area has a window and the space measures 5′ deep by 3 1/5′ wide. About a month ago I was brainstorming on some ideas to organize this apartment, one thing I knew was that I wanted to make this area for Klairah, but we had a problem the full size crib that was given to us by my parents was too big for this space, so I started researching mini crib sizes & prices. The dimensions were perfect but the prices were out off our price range ($125-$190) so I started surfing craigslist, we found one that was beautiful and priced at $60 so I jumped on it. (not literally) the lady we bought it from said she paid $180 for it and her baby never slept in it. I’m anxious to get it in the baby nook and so this place can start looking like home, I’m just not sure about my sweet pea sleeping in another room :-(


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